Get Started

It all starts with a coffee – join us at Speedos, Harry’s , The Tratt or at your home if you prefer. Tell us about your property, your aspirations and your timetable

If you’re ready to get on with more important things – like booking your next holiday using the extra money you’ll be making by renting your home or investment property on Airbnb –then get in touch to discuss how BondiBnB can help.


Steps to hassle free AirBnB hosting ….with BondiBnB

  • Meet over a coffee and review

  • Property inspection – followed by a proposal and plan

  • On boarding with one of our team – agree to any property maintenance work required , co-ordinate calendars, photographers and stylists if required, complete our information and instruction review –sign our plain English agreement.

  • Listing – once images and calendar details have been set, we will create and optimise your listing. The management of the listing is on-going as we review the market against the season, competition and events in an attempt to maximise your returns.